I’ve seen this movie before. At the beginning of every year, we all make bold money resolutions and set big financial goals. From buying your first set of wheels, to saving up for that holiday in Bali with your mates, to starting your investment journey. Sadly, by the time cupid comes around to shoot arrows of love, many of us fall off, and lose momentum.

So here are 5 pro tips and tricks to help you stick to your money resolutions this year:

1. Dream big but be realistic about your money goals.

This is where your personal budget comes in. It will guide you on what is attainable and what your financial limits are. Consider starting a side hustle if your money resolutions and goals need more cha-ching.

2. Have a solid plan.

What is your money resolution or goal, and why does it matter to you? In the pursuit of your money goals and resolutions, you need to create a plan that will answer the above questions and outline the actions you intend taking to accomplish your goals. List your resolutions and plot some moves. You need to be intentional when it comes to money, so composing a money manifestation tweet with a 🕯️won’t do it. For instance, you could automate your monthly savings, prioritize paying off your debt or join a stokvel to help you start saving.

3. Set and smash those money milestones.

Make sure that your money goals and resolutions are measurable and time bound. Keeping track of your progress on a spreadsheet or app will help you stay focused, motivated and accountable.

4. Make your money resolutions and goals visual.

Create a money vision board with all your money goals that will serve as a reminder. Whether it’s paying off some debt, creating and sticking to a budget or saving up to buy a new pair of air force ones.

5. Celebrate your success along the way.

Along the journey to reaching your money resolutions and goals, you might hit a few bumps on the road that might leave you feeling demotivated. This is why celebrating small wins along the way is so important in giving you motivation to push through difficulties. So take a moment to celebrate when you have done well.

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