Get smart

with money

Impactful youth financial education
in partnership with the Sanlam Foundation

Access to financial education made free and easy

Blackbullion South Africa provides engaging and relevant content to help young people become financially savvy by developing essential money skills and building confidence around money management.

In partnership with the Sanlam Foundation, Blackbullion South Africa provides a minimum of 20,000 youth per year, free access to financial education through the Blackbullion SA platform.

Become a partner

Blackbullion South Africa works closely with youth focused organisations, youth development agencies and educational institutions in providing young people free access to the Blackbullion platform. If you are interested in becoming a partner, connect with us here.

Blackbullion has become the main source of financial education to 75% of its users to date.

Blackbullion South Africa is not a one-size-fits-all online course, but a financial companion that young people can access as they face key money moments.

The number of Blackbullion South Africa users managing their finances by setting up a monthly budget increased by 41%.

Hear from our partners & users

Financial wellbeing- how does it work?

Blackbullion South Africa delivers online content tailored for youth, aiming to cultivate essential money skills and foster financial confidence for life. By partnering with us, your organisation can play a proactive role in supporting young people’s success and upward mobility.

Gamification and interactive learning
to improve youths’ financial wellbeing

Modules and Tools

A growing content library with illustrated articles and interactive multimedia lessons. Tools include a spending snapshot (budgeting tool) to help users plan their finances.

Progress Rewad

Badges and “bullions” reward learning and progression through the content. Badges are “locked” until pathways or certain activities are completed, incentivising learning.

Community Engagement

Platform users have access to ongoing community building and engagement activities such as incentive campaigns, topical live webinars, weekly newsletters and competitions.


Summative and formative assessments, paired with quiz questions, help students evaluate and retain their learning.

WaFunda is Blackbullion Global's exclusive partner in South Africa